Sang Candle Co

Cinnamon Woodwick Candle


Quế (Cinnamon)

Cinnamon + Star Anise + Black Cardomom 

Utilizing essential spices in Vietnamese cooking, this blend can be found in our most famous dish, Pho. Known for its smoky and spicy aromas, this combination is also used in traditional aromatherapy and is thought to improve concentration, mood, and calm the mind.

Fragrance notes: 

Top: Cinnamon

Heart: Cardamom

Base: Star Anise

70 - 80 hr burn time 

8.5 oz

  • Hand-poured 
  • 100% American soy wax 
  • Natural essential + phthalate-free oils
  • Wooden wicks
  • Domestically sourced ingredients 

Trim your wicks after every use for a cleaner burn! 

Sang Candle Co.

Made in Richmond, VA

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