Euphoria Delta 9 + HHC Sativa Gummies


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Experience Euphoria, a strong and mighty gummy made for drifting into its namesake state of mind. HHC meets THC for balance and potency. Made with live terpenes and natural flavoring.

Each gummy contains:

  • 20mg Delta 9 THC
  • 30mg HHC 
  • 20mg Full spectrum CBD
  • Live Terpenes

70mg each gummy

840+ mg per container

12 gummies per container

Hemp derived & farm bill compliant

What is HHC?

HHC is the short term for hexahydrocannabinol. HHC can be a natural or synthetic compound, however, since HHC occurs in such trace concentrations in hemp and cannabis plants, synthesizing it through a hydrogenation process allows HHC to be more widely available.

So what does that mean exactly?

HHC is produced through a process that is known as hydrogenation and involves stabilizing the HHC chemical structure by binding it with hydrogen molecules.

But it gets even cooler. 

During this process, hydrogen atoms are added to the Delta 9 THC molecule to break its double bond chemical structure. Doing so replaces Delta 9 THC’s structure with hydrogen but keeps its potential benefits and effects.

 Hydrogenation alters Delta 9 THC’s structure enough to affect its binding affinity. This means that HHC, like Delta 9 THC, can bind to more of the body’s cannabinoid receptors, as well as TRP pain receptors.

And that’s not all.

HHC also gains a stronger molecular structure through hydrogenation. The HHC cannabinoid, therefore, resists oxidation better than Delta 9 THC, letting you store it longer. HHC maintains its potency much longer even if exposed to air, light, or heat (which quickly oxidize Delta 9 THC). 

When Detla 9 THC oxidizes, the molecule loses its hydrogen atoms to become cannabinol (CBN). While CBN is also psychoactive, it is only about 10 percent of Delta 9 THC’s potency. Like HHC, CBN is also being studied for potential therapeutic, medicinal, and recreational uses.

Does HHC Get You High?

So we know that some cannabinoids don’t cause psychoactive effects and are mostly used for their therapeutic benefits. These include CBG, CBD, and CBN. 

Others, like HHC, cause a psychoactive high. That means that you are likely to have a change in brain function after consuming HHC, much like THC. 

While HHC effects aren’t exactly the same as Delta 9 THC, they are very similar. 

HHC and Drug Tests

One of the reasons why HHC seems to be the hottest topic on cannabis blogs and forums these days is the rumor that they won’t cause you to fail a drug test. 

This seems like an appealing alternative for people who are required to take a drug test in their workplace. 

So how much of this is true?

The answer is a bit anticlimactic. You guessed it — we don’t know yet. 

There is still very little scientific research on HHC and if it shows positive on drug tests. But we do know that most generic drug test technology is looking for THC metabolites – and the HHC molecule may appear similar.

However, we also have seen on a study all the way back in 1991 that indicated that rodents metabolized HHC in a slightly different way from THC, not producing the main cannabis byproduct detected by most drug tests. However, cross-contamination is likely when it comes to unregulated supplements, and this isn’t enough evidence on its own. 

So what’s the bottom line? 

More research is needed. Until then, air on the side of caution when taking HHC products if you have to pass a drug scan.


Okay, so HHC as we use it is chemically hydrogenated Delta 9 THC. So, what’s the difference? 

Firstly, bear in mind that HHC is between 70 to 80 percent as strong as THC. So, while it does have psychoactive effects and is definitely stronger than many cannabis compounds, it isn’t as strong as eating a weed edible or smoking a joint.

Of course, you should also remember that everyone reacts differently to these substances. Tread carefully when you first try HHC products to see exactly how you respond. It’s a good idea to start with a smaller dose and gradually increase until you find out where the sweet spot is. 

HHC vs Delta 8 THC

Many users say that the psychoactive high of HHC is roughly similar to that of Delta 8 THC. This makes sense since most Delta 8 THC products are hemp-derived and HHC is about 75 percent as strong as THC. 

In terms of strength and body high, the two substances are fairly similar. Some users say that HHC is more relaxing rather than stimulating. 


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