O•Calm Vita C Brightening 3 Step Mask


Transparent Skin | Vitality Filling | Moisturizing

Step 1. Mild Exfoliating Cleansing Foam (1.5ml)
Step 2. Vita C Brightening Facial Mask (25ml)
Step 3. Ultimate Hydrating Cream (1.5ml)

Step 1. Cleansing foam to completely remove dirt and dead skin cells from the skin.
Step 2. Facial mask pack brightening and revitalizing the skin for a clear, healthy and bright complexion
Step 3. Intensive moisturizing cream providing a healthy glow and moisture to the skin.

How to use:
Wash the face with the foaming cleanser.
Soothe and prep the skin with a toner after cleansing.
Place the mask on and make it fit the entire face.
Remove the mask after 10-20 minutes and gently dab to help the skin absorb the remaining product.
Apply the cream all over the face.

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